If your landlord is being repossessed because of mortgage arrears.

There are some special rules to help tenants where a mortgage lender is taking possession proceedings because their landlord has mortgage arrears.

The rules are complicated so if your home is being repossessed because your landlord hasn’t been paying the mortgage you will need to get specialist advice. Some of the organisations that may be able to help you are included as links on this website.

In some cases, for example where your tenancy is older than your landlord’s mortgage, the lender will not be able to evict you. In other cases it may at least be possible to delay the repossession date so that you have more time to look for somewhere else to live.

Detailed guidance about delaying repossession can be found at the following link. The guidance includes a useful question and answer section:

Guidance to the Mortgage Repossessions (Protection of Tenants etc) Act 2010

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