Who we are

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We help tenants and homeowners at Ipswich County Court. If you are being taken to court by your landlord or your mortgage lender we may be able to help you to keep your home.

We are a charity and the service we provide is free to members of the public.

The service is staffed by volunteers including welfare rights officers and money advisers. We  have experience of representing people in court and of dealing with housing problems and the problems that can lead to mortgage or rent arrears.

We have an office in Ipswich County Court on a Tuesday morning, which is when most possession hearings take place. We can see you before your hearing, negotiate with your landlord or mortgage lender and go into the hearing with you.

We work independently of landlords, mortgage lenders and the court, but we have the full co-operation of Ipswich County Court and of the District Judges who sit at the court.