Help with finding a new home

It is not always possible to stop someone from losing their home. In some cases this will be because the person has a certain type of tenancy, which means their rights are not strong enough, and in other cases it will be because they cannot afford their mortgage or their rent.

If you are going to lose your home because of rent or mortgage arrears there are links to organisations on this website that may be able to help you to find somewhere to live.

You may want to start by contacting the housing department at your local council. Most councils have a housing options and/or homelessness team and, depending on your circumstances, the council may have a duty to provide you with somewhere temporary to stay while they find you somewhere to live.  At the very least the council will have a duty to work and plan with you to try to prevent or relieve your homelessness and to provide you with advice and assistance.

There is some helpful law covering homelessness and the rights of homeless people and this is very well explained on the Shelter and Citizens Advice websites. If you prefer you could contact either organisation by telephone, or you could visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

The Government has published a code of guidance about homelessness, which is available from: Homelessness code of guidance for local authorities – Guidance – GOV.UK (